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Jennifer Clyde Founder of The Giv Box

Jennifer Clyde

The Giv Box Mission

Our Mission, is to Connect more Stylish products to giving back and empowering others around the world. https://www.thegivbox.com/

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Giv Box Interview Gemma Touchstone Holiday Hostess Magazine

The woman behind the company

The Giv box was created by me, Jen Clyde, a single mama of 4 kids and a true #Girlboss who has been a Creative Director & Fashion Entrepreneur for the past 17 years. My story is a little different than the average and it’s been a wild ride, but through it all my life has been changed for the best and I hope the Giv Box can change yours a little bit, month by month, as you connect to inspiring stories of others around the world and experience the joys of giving, each time you’re getting.

So why did I start the Giv mission?

I was inspired to take the leap of faith and start my own artisan made subscription box because seven years creating stylish, on-trend products that make an impact on others lives ended up making the greatest impact on my own! Traveling the globe and seeing the positive effect first hand on these artisans lives, I knew I could never go back to selling and creating things that didn’t have some good attached. My career was challenging but I loved it, until one day my life was changed forever–the company I had helped build for the past seven years came to a hard stop and closed its doors in October 2018. At the time I was the Creative Director and had helped build, from the start of the company, two things; a community of strong women who sold the jewelry, and products with artisans around the world that empowered them by creating meaningful impact in their lives. You can see why after all this, when you hear the words “we are shutting down” you would want to risk everything you could to save the mission, right? I knew my passion alone wasn’t going to be enough to start a company, but it was a starting point. I had built a community of women over the past seven years that loved to wear jewelry and their devotion had created a wave of change and influence. It was inspiring to me to watch them each become true fans of the product’s mission and I can’t help but think that if I had helped build this once, I could create it again, and find more fans of giving. So with limited resources, lots of faith, and even more talented huge hearted friends, I began to make the Giv box reality.

Giv Box Interview Gemma Touchstone Holiday Hostess Magazine

So as a single mom with 4 kids and lots of bills to pay, it hasn’t been easy, and I wanted to give up and get a job with instant gratification and a quick paycheck many times. But, each time I would get close to doing that, another text, DM, or phone call of someone else who needed help, or had a connection for me would come in. So, once again I would peel myself up and off the ground and keep pushing because of how much I believed in the end goal. The clock was ticking and my only saving grace were my “angel friends,” or so I called them. A small group of amazing friends who did free work for me along the way. Without them I couldn’t have done what I did in such a short time.

As I know, running a business that focuses on giving and artisans who need us can be challenging and I don’t doubt that I have more hard roads ahead, but I am ready daily to take this on, to connect to more stories of artisans in need, and to create more products that are fashion forward, and will change someone else’s life. What we buy can change the world, I believe this is my mission, to take my talents of creating trendy designs and turn them into more opportunities for others by bringing it to you, wrapped up in a pretty package monthly, full of fun, and full of love. Reminding all of us that giving doesn’t have to be hard.

Giv Box Interview by Gemma Touchstone, Holiday Hostess Magazine with Jennifer Clyde

How did your business come about? What made you start it?

I didn’t want to call my Artisans I have been developing with for 8 years and tell them I wouldn’t be helping them with their everyday ways to take care of their families. So I had a feeling this was going to be one of the hardest things I have ever done so I just did. I started the Giv Box in less than 30 days. Day and night. Put together a Pitch Deck and called investors over and over until they couldn’t ignore my calls anymore. Raised the money I needed to be cash flow ready, and just did it.

What sets you apart from other business in your niche?

The products are all connected to good.

What is your personal definition of success?

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Definition of success is someone who wants to learn, listen, and keep trying different avenues when the one in front of them won’t work. Success is something that no class room could have taught me, it’s my own inner self being willing to grow and get back up when I had fallen down. My biggest accomplishment are my 4 kids that have allowed me to be their mom and stuck by me even when I move an entire warehouse into their space, our home. LOL. Looking at them and how they grow and are all so different makes everything worth it in the long run.

What is one piece of advice you can give to other entrepreneurs?

DON’T. GET. STUCK. IN. PERFECTION. Just keep making mistakes. People forgive and want to stand by you even when you don’t want to stand by yourself. The more you sit and try to get that perfect shot, that person you can’t see around the corner just called your investor, got your funding, and just booked your coolest web developer ever! Yep, stop over thinking! Do and fail and do it again! Don’t give up, and surround yourself with unselfish people who won’t get mad when you are late, or don’t make it to their birthday party! Wait what? Yep, you won’t make it to everyone’s parties. That’s Ok!

Giv Box Interview Gemma Touchstone Holiday Hostess Magazine

Your customer service e-mail


What inspires you?

Travel, color, and people

Is there anything coming up for your business you’d like to tell our readers about?

We have new surprises each month coming up at the end of this month inside your boxes. Free Jewelry and more Podcasts of others do good stories so we can stay inspired to live a life of giving back to it’s fullest.

What is next for your business?

Growing awareness of the mission, and how giving doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it’s can be quite stylish!

Giv Box Interview Gemma Touchstone Holiday Hostess Magazine

What would be your vision cast for your 5 year projection?

To be a full branded multi million dollar company, able to provide micro loans to other women so they can start and own their own businesses around the world.

How can I reader learn more about you ?

Go online to www.thegivbox.com

Follow us on FB/Instagram under @thegivbox



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