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Trisha Zemp of Golden Coil

golden coin holiday hostess interview

Trisha Zemp

Golden Coil the ultimate planner for women


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Tell us a little more about you and your story.

Golden Coil was conceived out of necessity. Michelle and I were two, young sisters, struggling to manage family, academics, and personal business. Each year we would shop for the perfect planner to balance our myriad of goals and responsibilities but with each new purchase some portion of our chosen planners would fall short. We learned that the mass market calendars were very limited in their offerings. The major players in the planner community expected their customers to adapt their lives to fit within the structure of their planners. We believed this lacked originality, versatility, and ultimately did not effectively support the lives of the 20th century woman. We knew that the only way to create planners that reflected an individual’s personal style, originality, and organizational needs would be to facilitate the creation of customization planners. So we created Golden Coil— a company that encourages purposeful living while celebrating individuality. Each of us is different, so why shouldn’t our planners be too?

Each of us is different, so why shouldn’t our planners be too?

What sets you apart from other business in your niche?

Golden Coil is unique in many ways. First of all, the planner is totally customizable so instead of one single layout, we offer many layout options. Right now, we have 32 personalized page options to fit a variety of lifestyles. Unlike other planners, our planners start and end on the dates needed instead of adhering to New Year or Academic Year schedules. Each planner is made with the highest quality paper and comes with a choice of cover. We offer a variety in linen or leather alongside designer covers, some even designed by those in our community! Because the planner is ordered online, it is possible to import contacts and calendar info digitally. From cover to cover, this planner is unique to each individual person.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success comes twofold: how it looks and how it feels. Success looks like being able to provide for my family so we can live in a nice home and I can control my schedule because my biggest accomplishment so far is my son, Elliott. I grew that little human and pushed him out of my body! Pretty amazing when you think about it! The second half is how success feels and that is when I can express my creativity freely. When I can get what I envisioned in my head out into the world, I feel successful.

What is one piece of advice you can give to other entrepreneurs?

Start where you are with what you have. Everything that you have accomplished up to this point in your life will help you. You aren’t starting at zero. Your life accumulates so even a failure is experience in the tank. Everything builds and helps you become better. Growth will happen. So just start!

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How do you stay motivated ?

The way that I stay motivated happens with to do lists. I like to have everything I want to do written down in my planner so I can see and make plans. Along with this, I keep a variety of things going at the same time. Keeping a few different projects going helps me not get burned out on one. I can work through the ebbs and flows of different projects as they come around because I have several going on at once. I keep track of all the progress through to do lists.

What inspires you?

The world is so full of inspiring things! I particularly like watching my son play and seeing the way he is experiencing this world for the first time. Everything is new to him. I also find inspiration from others through books, podcasts, and interior design. Painting and pottery inspire me as well. I love the process of painting and playing with color. Often I use painting as a creative process to help me come up with new ideas. A no pressure situation to create helps me connect all that is going on in my brain and brings ideas together.

Is there anything coming up for your business you’d like to tell our readers about?

We are launching new covers and new templates soon!

What is next for your business?

We are looking at continued growth and innovation in our space. There are all kinds of different people with different needs in a planner so we will continue to create covers and templates and features to grow with people’s needs.

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