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Is Instagram down?

Instagram down: App not working as posts and stories fail to load all day today.

Do you blame Instagram or Facebook for this ?

Well all you can see is the warning

‘Couldn’t refresh feed,’ and that’s the full story for users.

Instagram has stopped working, leaving people completely panicked and unable to load posts or stories. This is t that big of a deal unless you depend on Instagram for business.

This outage comes amid another major outage at PlayStation Network, so two of the biggest online services in the world have been hit at the same time by similar problems, is it related? It’s definitely a question to ask. Although it is super unlikely that these outages are related.

Instead of loading up posts as normal, the app showed an error message reading “couldn’t refresh feed” and that’s it! Leaving most of wondering what to do and turning to google for answers.

When attempting to load Instagram profiles on the web instead of a phone it also brought up a Facebook-branded error message. “Sorry, something went wrong,” it read, “we’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.”

It seems there is no way to fix. Things you might have tried but won’t work. 1. shutting the app down 2. trying from a different account. 3. Restarting your device 4. Reloading the app.

Because the outage seems to be wide scale it is most likely that the issue is with Instagram’s servers.

This outage seemed to be affecting problems everybody who tried to use the app or the website. Did you know that Instagram is the platform of choice to over half a billion people every day, so even a small global outage can effect millions of people in an extremely short period of time.

Unlike Facebook Instagram is t up to par with its user communication it doesn’t run an official page for checking on its server status. Instagram will actually sometime post to there own twitter but with today’s outage there hasn’t been any communication.

Facebook however saw a spike in reports of problems on outage monitoring sites. But not as many as you would think.

Well what do you know it looks like it’s back up before I could even finish this post! Thank God like as we know it can continue. I don’t know about you but I was already pricing a horse and buggy and dreaming of my cottage in the country side.



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