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Best Mexican Food In Scottsdale

OK so we were first attracted to this restaurant from the absolutely beautiful exterior and amazing artwork on the walls.

But as you enter the beautiful doorway and you see the ambience and layout on the inside you are already not disappointed. I can see if you’re from Scottsdale you could easily spend the weekend here with friends or meet up for a drink at the beautiful bar or try one of their specialty tequilas at the tequila bar.

Even though I’m on a very specific diet it was still an absolutely amazing place to try to see him to take in all of the sites and sounds of this place.

Absolutely no detail was overlooked from all of the waiters wearing matching T-shirts to gorgeous print bright colored shades on their lamps hanging above the booths the artwork on the walls the guacamole card painted with a sugar skull and on and on. Furthermore if you’re even looking for more design don’t hesitate trying out the bathrooms every wall is painted with intriguing artwork.

Our waiter was more than a pleasing, he was funny and very attentive. We ordered a shrimp dish and he explained that the shrimp are actually not farmed and they’re from the sea of Cortez. Just up the street, as he put it. The shrimp were huge and Anthony proclaimed that this was the best Mexican food he’s had in years.

OK let’s talk about the Salsa everyone wants to know about the chips and salsa that you get when you first enter any awesome Mexican food restaurant well I have to say that the salsa did not disappoint it was absolutely fabulous just the kind I like sweet spicy and kind of chunky but not chunky like chunks of tomato it’s all been mixed and puréed and the chips were absolutely fabulous. Our waiter even recommended trying their special fire salsa that he brought for ANTHONY to try and he was not lying it was definitely hot hot hot.

OK so that’s enough I’m going to just post all of the pictures from our trip to Barrio Queen so you can get an idea of exactly why you absolutely should not miss this place for dinner.

Oh and PS you definitely have to try the chipotle mashed potatoes.



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